St Leonards Vineyard Cottages is dedicated to providing a safe & sustainable accommodation service for our guests to enjoy. We are proud to have been awarded a Silver Qualmark rating.

“The Qualmark award is a recognised and trusted sign of a quality travel experience” – Qualmark NZ.

St Leonards Vineyard Cottages is certified by Qualmark, whose Sustainable Tourism Business (STB) Criteria are Recognized by the GSTC for being equivalent to the GSTC Industry Criteria.

This approval ensures that we are being as sustainable as possible and reassures our guests that we are a safe place to stay.

In addition to Qualmark, we have also been marked as Covid Clean approved. This assessment provides visitors with the assurance that we are aware of and working to take measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.



Tiaki Promise


“Tiaki is a Māori word that loosely means to care, conserve, and protect. It is a significant part of Māori culture and can be found in important cultural concepts such as Kaitiakitanga.” -  Tiaki New Zealand.





The Tiaki Promise is at the heart of what we do at St Leonards Vineyard Cottages. It helps to keep ourselves accountable, as well as giving us a way to include our guests on our sustainability journey. 

The five main pillars of The Tiaki Promise are to Protect Nature, Keep NZ Clean, Be Prepared, Drive Carefully & to Show Respect. We practice these ideas daily and encourage all our guests to do so too.